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Web Business Resource offers online information from Scott Hughes on web-based entrepreneurship. Scott Hughes contributes his own expertise along with the help of our partners and affiliates. At Web Business Resource you’ll find a large selection of material, updated daily, for people with an interest in web-based business.

“In the very near future there will be two types of business: Internet business, and out of business.” -Bill Gates

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Scott Hughes:

Great Ways To Add Content To Your Website
The best way to get lots of people on your site, and to get them to stay, is to have interesting content.

Website Design – The Art Of Simplicity
The key to designing a good website is simplicity.

The Importance of Providing an e-Service
Assuming you have a website, the best service to provide is information.

The Superficiality Of Internet Business
Business is inherently superficial. Appearances count more importantly than anything.

6 Website Design Tips For Novices
As an experienced web designer let me share some web design tips.

The Basics of Starting an Ezine
Despite the amount of benefits an ezine entails, starting one is rather easy.

Scams, Schemes, Gimmicks, and Cons
Unfortunately, one of the realities of internet business is the scam, schemes gimmicks, and cons.

Web Design – Outsource or not?
An online entrepreneur must choose between designing a website himself/herself, or hiring a professional web designer.

You Can�t Buy Quality Traffic
Web promotion just isn�t something that can effectively be outsourced.

The Technological Revolution
There will be two types of business: Internet business, and out of business.

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Tiffany Sutton:

Classified Ads
My advice is to keep the free stuff to a minimum.

Online Business: Refunds/Chargebacks
This refund thing is a double edged sword.

Home Business: How I Advertise
You can have a million websites, it doesn�t matter if no one can find them.

Multiple Streams Of Income
Not putting all your eggs in one basket…

Attitude for Home Business
Your attitude has a lot to do with being successful or not.

Working At Home
How It Changed My Life For The Better…

Marketing with Business Cards
Leave your cards in a place where people will find them!

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Jens du Plessis:

Multiple Income Streams With Affiliate Programmes
Affiliate marketing is an ideal, affordable, way to expand your markets.

Three simple steps to make your site sell more!
While these three steps are simple they do involve a bit of work.

Targeting Your Web Site to Your Visitors
Are you targeting your web site to your visitors?


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